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HOMETOWN: Vancouver, BC
GENRE: Post punk, weird pop
MEMBERS: Eric Axen (guitar, vocals), Bart Newman (drums, vocals)

PRESS: Adam Sharp - adam@bigsmokevancouver.com - 604.715.4457
BOOKING: Eric Axen - axen.eric@gmail.com - 778.892.4651


The first decade of the 21st century was a different time. Bands had given way to ‘collectives,’ and distorted guitars seemed not so ubiquitous as synthesizers, cellos and ukuleles. Yet in this musical landscape Eric Axen and Bart Newman formed Hermetic, a decidedly anachronistic two-piece that evoked East Coast indie-pop and anxious post-punk in equal measure. Combining baritone guitar, drums and harmonized vocals, Hermetic quickly became mainstays of Vancouver’s music scene, even winning CiTR’s annual Shindig in 2008.

Fast forward nearly ten years. With a small handful of releases under their belt (most notably 2012’s Civilized City LP and 2013’s Heartbreakology EP), Hermetic has all but disappeared from the live circuit. While Eric focuses most of his energy on his power-pop trio Sightlines, Bart dedicates much of his time to fatherhood and social work. With the 90s enjoying a wave of nostalgia and the band’s sonic terrain once again in vogue, the duo has perversely decided to call it quits.

Yet the breakup is not without a parting gift. Recorded between 2015 and 2016 with Chris van der Laan and Tom Prilesky, Postscript consists of twelve new tracks and represents Hermetic’s first full-length since Civilized City. Drawing on perennial themes of self-doubt, political oppression and societal collapse, the songs are at once focused and abstract, angst-fuelled and mature, and the band’s finest work to date.

Released digitally and as a limited-run cassette through Alarum Records and Big Smoke, Postscript proves Hermetic has just enough sense of timing to go out at the top of their game.


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ARTIST: Hermetic
TITLE: Postscript
LABEL: Big Smoke / Alarum Records
RELEASE DATE: May 12th, 2017
FORMAT: 64 x mustard yellow cassette / digital via iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.
FFO: The Inbreds, Jawbreaker, Mission of Burma, Sebadoh



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