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HOMETOWN: Vancouver, BC
GENRE: Synth pop, alt pop
MEMBERS: Jeff Cancade

PRESS: Adam Sharp - adam@bigsmokevancouver.com - 604.715.4457
BOOKING: Jeff Cancade - jeffcancade@gmail.com - 604.363.4804


Late Bloomer marks the beginning of a new era for electro-pop outsider Devours. Jeff Cancade, the musician behind the moniker, has emerged from the shadows and stepped into the spotlight, singing loud and clear on every one of the album's tracks. The shift from anonymous electronic producer to full-fledged singer-songwriter began on 2015's Avalon EP, and Cancade has made the full transformation with his new release.

Upon first listen, it is clear that Devours has something to say. Cancade has stated that he views himself as a late bloomer, both in terms of finding his place in the Vancouver music scene and coming out as gay at a more mature age. The album is deeply autobiographical, and its themes - love, aging, fear, denial, liberation - are illustrated and reflected upon with lyrics that are raw, honest, and unflinching.

On Late Bloomer, Devours presses reset on the whole project and brings to life a more direct, singular vision. The instrumentals have been stripped down, the sonic palette has been refined, and the overall sound is more specific and cohesive than his previous releases. With that said, Late Bloomer is still signature Devours; his trademark squiggly synths and 808 drums are on full display here, as are his exotic, unpredictable samples and overall pop sensibility.

Late Bloomer was released digitally on April 15th by Vancouver label, Locksley Tapes.


Jan 20 / Pat's Pub ~ Winter Waste (Music Waste Showcase)
Feb 9 / Astoria ~ w/ Poshlost & Tulip


*** Jazz By Thor spent 3 weeks on the CBC R3 30. ***

ARTIST: Devours
TITLE: Late Bloomer
LABEL: Locksley Tapes
RELEASE DATE: April 15th, 2016
FORMAT: Digital only via iTunes, Bandcamp, etc.
FFO: LCD Soundsystem, Girl Talk, M83, Neon Indian

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